plant wall with spine written on it

Awards haul celebrates evolving workspaces

27 September 2021

This month, we scooped a swathe of trophies at our annual industry awards run by industry body Plants@Work.

It was gratifying to receive recognition for all our work in what was, of course, a difficult year for business. But, although the pandemic hit us with a range of challenges over the last two years, we also had one of our busiest years.

This might seem strange given many of us have had to work from home during the pandemic but, as many of our attitudes to work have changed, so have our ideas of how a workplace should look and feel. Research has shown that many people do want to return to the office, but would like these spaces feel more welcoming and, well, homely.

We’re really proud of our work in helping to create places where people want to work and play. As indoor work and leisure spaces evolve to become more focussed on the wellbeing of occupants and visitors, the role of indoor plants has become more and more important in helping to create happy and healthy places.

Without further ado, here are the Urban Planters planting schemes which stood out for the Plants@Work judges this year.

Best project 2021: Design & Installation

Royal College of Physicians at The Spine – Urban Planters National

The Spine

Design & Installation over £10,000


Great Portland Estates – The Hickman – Urban Planters Franchise

Royal College of Physicians at The Spine – Urban Planters Franchise

HSBC: Sheffield – Urban Planters Derbyshire

Ideagen PLC – Urban Planters Derbyshire

Inspired Entertainment Inc- Urban Planters Derbyshire

Carden Park Spa – Urban Planters North West

Carden Park

Peel, Land and Property– Urban Planters North West

Peel Land and Property


Astra Zeneca – EastBrook House – Urban Planters Franchise

Great Portland Estates – Dufours Place – Urban Planters Franchise

St James’s Wealth Management – Urban Planters Franchise

Castleforge Wood Green – Urban Planters Franchise

Design and Installation under £10,000


Vox Manchester – Urban Planters North West



Anchorage – Urban Planters North West