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Our work

Plants bring all types of space life to so, naturally, we work with all types of business. From a handful of indoor plants to a sweeping exterior landscaping scheme, we have done it all.

Whatever your business, whether a small local, operation, a multinational or anything in between, we believe the right plants can make all the difference to your workplace.

We work at the forefront of our industry, be it discovering the latest products or applying new research on the benefits of plants. Through this approach, we can provide professional planting schemes designed to thrive, meet aesthetic aims and create healthier and more productive indoor and outdoor spaces.

Read on to see the services we provide, some of our past projects and discover why plants are so good for your workplace.

How we do it

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    1. Design

    We pride ourselves in using a ‘Right Plant I Right Place’ policy whilst also ensuring you get the look and feel you want to achieve from your planting. Therefore, our clients can get a bespoke scheme that is set to thrive.

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    2. Source

    Our plant material comes from sustainable sources via our trusted supply arrangements in The Netherlands and Italy. This enables us to provide a rich variety of high quality outdoor plants and acclimatised indoor plants.

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    3. Installation

    After agreeing the planting scheme design and sourcing your products, our trained local installers will build your order, then deliver and install the plants in their designated positions with minimal disruption to your workplace.

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    4. Maintenance

    Our all-inclusive maintenance service keeps your plant displays, green walls or external grounds in top condition, under the expert care of our trained plant technicians and gardeners.

Who we have worked with

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    Our services

    A broad range of planting services to suit any space

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    Why have plants?

    Plants deliver far more than just simple good looks

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