The Benefits of Christmas Tree Hire For Your Business

28 November 2014

Hinckley_Island_HotelHere at Urban Planters, we work for a greener world, bringing nature into your workspace. Christmas time is a notoriously busy time of the year, and our aim is to take away the stress of decorating your office, hotel, restaurant, hospital or indeed, any workplace, with our Christmas tree hire and decorating service.

At Christmas time, when we commune with the evergreen tree, we are harking back to the days when the tree was a symbol of life in the depths of winter. To breathe in its aroma was to sense the spring, and its presence in our homes blessed the harvest for the coming year. Many years on, this tradition of bringing life into our homes – and into our work environment – is still with us. And at Urban Planters, we know that trees are calming, restorative, healing and reduce anxiety.

Why not offload that stressful Christmas task by booking Urban Planters to take care of it for you?

Urban Planters has nationwide coverage. We will work with your space and colour scheme and bring your dream Christmas tree to life, along with matching garlands and wreaths. Combining our gift in indoor landscape gardening with our ability to create stylish traditional or modern designs, your Christmas decorations will enhance the magical feel in your workspace for your staff and clientele.

We can work outdoors with live trees, creating just the feeling you were looking for at this festive time of year, uplifting your employees and visitors with that special Christmas spirit as they enter your building.

At Urban Planters, we work with your concepts to create a truly unique feel, or our designers can suggest a scheme for you based on your premises. We can also produce bespoke decorations if you have a special request.

Traditional styles and décor are still popular and we are masters at turning your chosen tree into a sparkling festive delight. We can also work with highly unusual colour combinations and materials to create something chic, unusual or eye-catching. Given a theme, we will make your dream come to life.

We work with live and artificial trees and also have a range of luminous stylish trees to bring that enchanted wonderland feel into your office or business setting.

Always professional, our indoor landscape gardeners will take the hard work out of the Christmas strain, giving your working environment a look that will inspire with our creative flair and vision, turning that empty space into an artistic expression of Christmas.

You could opt for a truly traditional live tree, covered in apples and nuts, and topped with the Angel Gabriel or the Star of Bethlehem. Baubles can replace the apples of old, and we have some stunning colours and designs for you to choose from. Having a themed office party for Christmas? Why not have the same theme for your Christmas tree, garlands and wreaths? Making your colour wish and theme come to life, we can work with a range of tinsels, ornaments, bespoke decorations, tree styles, artificial or live trees and lights to match our design with your Christmas ideas and events. No Christmas tree hire is too small or too large for us; we treat each client as a unique and special design case.



Let your imagination loose. No matter what your requirements, Urban Planters will work our magic at this all-too-often stressful time of year. Visit our Christmas tree hire page for a quote, and our team will open up your indoor or outdoor workspace to the wonders of the season for both your employees and clients. Whether it is traditional, modern, stylish, unusual, subdued, bright, cheerful or space-age, we can put your wish into action at Urban Planters.




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