Cool uses of plants in the workplace

03 April 2013

How about a boulevard of trees by your desk? We think this scheme of ours is a strong contender How about a boulevard of trees by your desk?

Let’s face it: modern offices are often grey, sprawling, open plan places where serious work is done in a serious setting.

But it doesn’t need to be that way, and if you were to peek into the windows of certain offices in cities around the world, you would discover a wealth of workspaces which are truly inspirational design-centric places, focussing on nurturing inspirational ideas and the general happiness and wellbeing of the employees lucky enough to work there.

Vibrant walls, breakout areas complete with table football, slides, glass walls framing stunning outside views, walls as whiteboards in meeting rooms: some businesses have really let designers loose on their offices and with great effect.

Of course, as interior landscapers, we think office plants have a key role to play in any innovative office design. These days you can get your hands on a huge variety of specimens, some with striking exotic and unusual shapes. And then there are the containers: from minimalist to truly ‘out there’, there are bright colours, crazy shapes, sleek columns, beautiful wooden troughs… we could go on.

Office Plants can truly make a cool workplace shine, or even make a workplace cool all by themselves. Plus, they make anyone working there feel happier and healthier, as well as more productive and creative. Little wonder designers and architects often involve interior landscapers early on in the design process when a new workplace is being created.

We think we are pretty good at creating innovative and inspirational office plant schemes, but we are always looking for new inspiration on how to make a cool workplace even cooler using plants, so we thought it would be interesting to see your suggestions. Maybe it’s your office, or somewhere you wish you worked: it doesn’t really matter, we’re just keen to see as many cool workplaces with great plants as possible.

Check out our Pinterest board: ‘Cool uses of plants in the workplace’ for some of our ideas and pin any of your own suggestions.

We will be throwing in some free info on any of the plants featured in your photos, in case you want to replicate the look.

So, get pinning: if it’s your workplace, give it the recognition it deserves, and if you’re not lucky enough to work there, at least we can all look at it, wish we were there, and then maybe get some of the same plants to make the view from our desk a little brighter. We will choose the winning Coolest use of plants in the workplace 2013 in the Autumn.

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