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Crafting the perfect home for plants using WoodBlocX

04 May 2016

We are always looking for innovative ways of showcasing our planting schemes and recently discovered WoodBlocX, a modular system of wooden components which can be built like bricks to create bespoke wooden planters and raised beds.

The system is simple and effective: WoodBlocX can be installed without the need for foundations onto nearly any surface. And, with no cutting or drilling on site (the BlocX go together quickly and easily, with no need for power tools or specialist equipment), there is very little mess or disruption.

What’s more, the unique dowel and wedge system also ensures each frame is very strong and enduring and guaranteed for a minimum of 15 years.

Plants and craftmanship Unite for student garden

The WoodBlocX system was exactly what we needed for a new landscaping scheme for the outside terraces and rooftop areas at a new student accommodation complex overlooking the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Using WoodBlocX to build a bespoke set of six raised plant beds around the edges and as islands in the middle, we were able form a series of beds set at interesting angles, creating walkways and seating areas.

The wooden frames, along with the plants, which were selected to provide year-round interest and to encourage biodiversity, form a natural foreground to the cityscape backdrop.

The solid, high-quality wood was also perfect for the exposed external site, and should stay good-looking for years to come.

Woodblocx_Unite_roof_garden  Woodblocx_Unite_roof_garden

WoodBlocX at Westfield

The system worked so well that we took it to a client just along the road: Westfield Stratford City is a vast, bustling shopping centre, strategically positioned next to the 2012 Olympic Park.

Along the expansive walkway, which leads to the Olympic Park, we designed wooden troughs at staggered heights down each side of the walkway. These were planted with a mixture of low-lying plants and various species of trees, creating a natural feature to soften the urban setting.

Westfield_WoodBlocX  Westfield_WoodBlocX

The troughs were so effective, we were asked to do the same for other walkways around the centre.

The WoodBlocX system really showed off its sturdy versatility when we created wooden planters, dense with plants, to run up a large staircase at the shopping centre. The troughs fit neatly into the stairs and transformed an unremarkable set of 42 steps into a thing of beauty.

Westfield_WoodBlocX  WoodBlocX_Westfield_exterior-planting

We then saw the potential for WoodBlocX to be used as a superb frame for a living wall, which we planted to run up the side of the staircase. The wall is newly-planted, and will only look better as time goes on and the plants establish themselves.

Westfield_WoodBlocX_livingwall Westfield_WoodBlocX_livingwall

Overall, our landscaping scheme at Westfield Stratford City features more than 700 plants and trees and 170 tonnes of soil, while the WoodBlocX planters used a total of 7,000 blocks.

For more information look at WoodBlocX within our range of products.