Dig for fitness: Get in shape for summer by gardening

22 May 2013

Infographic Get fit with gardening

Now spring is well and truly under way the garden is getting more of our attention and, at the same time, a lot of us are thinking about getting in shape, ready to make the most of the summer.

But when the weather’s fine, it would be a shame to be holed up in the gym, when you can get just as much beneficial exercise by gardening, plus you get a thriving garden to enjoy as well!

Studies have found that gardening can burn calories and tone your muscles just as well as other forms of exercise, such as cycling and jogging.

According to Clyde Williams at Loughborough University, gardening activities can burn between 200 and 1,000 calories per hour.

Tasks such as sowing and planting seedlings, raking the lawn and collecting grass and leaves can in themselves burn over 250 calories an hour, while pruning and weeding use up 280 calories an hour, digging as much as 322 calories and chopping logs over 1,000 calories.

Of course, this depends on how enthusiastically you carry out your tasks and on your weight and fitness, but there is no doubt that by doing all those necessary tasks in the garden you are also doing your body a big favour.

Plus, you will have the added health benefit of being out in the fresh air and among plants, which in itself is a recipe for happiness. Or, you could take a look at our landscaping services!