Grass Cutting & Lawn Care

Don’t curb your appeal by neglecting your outdoor grounds

29 March 2017

Landscaped grounds, however simple, can speak volumes about your business, and create a vital first impression.

We believe the look of your outdoor space says a lot about you as a business, and when we say outdoor space, we mean anything on or around your building.

Well-trimmed hedges, tree-lined driveways, freshly-mown grass, healthy and neat outdoor plants or even sedum roofs can all create a positive impression on people approaching your premises.

All around commercial, office and leisure buildings there are often little, or even larger, spaces which can be planted up or tidied up to great effect.

It needn’t be extensive or complicated exterior planting either: some shrubs uniformly planted around a sign, or neat lawns across the front of a building can often be enough to elevate the look and feel of a place and speak volumes about your business.


If you’re really short of space, say in a city centre, there are also outdoor living walls which come in all sizes: you can have small planted panels or wraparound multi-storey green walls. These are a great way to get noticed and brighten up an otherwise plain outside wall, all without taking up any more outside space.

Often our workplaces are situated in heavily built-up areas, and adding elements of nature such as outdoor plants and trees can not only soften the view but also combat CO2 levels.

By absorbing, and therefore removing, CO2 from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen, plants help to create more fresh air. They have also been proven to remove a range of other harmful toxins from the air.

So, by having a greener landscape around your business premises, you will be taking a simple step towards offsetting your CO2 footprint.

Landscaped grounds also provide health benefits to those inside the building, such as office employees: studies have also shown that even a view of nature can improve productivity and a general sense of wellbeing.


The key to creating and maintaining an impressive grounds is to get professional help and advice. Exterior landscapers can provide all manner of outdoor services for you, from re-designing outdoor areas to regular plant maintenance and litter control, all of which can create an outdoor landscape to showcase your business. These include:

Exterior landscape design and planting

Shrub bed maintenance
Lawn care and treatment
Tree maintenance
Hedge maintenance
Pond maintenance
Weed control
Litter control
Pathway and road sweeping
Sports ground maintenance
Gritting and snow clearing
Wild flower development and maintenance
Wildlife habitat development and maintenance

Whether you have an area you want to re-develop or an existing landscaped area, wall or roof that simply needs to be brought back to its glorious past, professional landscapers have the vision, expertise and the local resources to transform your outdoor space. We can find solutions for the most awkward of spaces, using machinery such as cranes, if necessary.

crane gravel delivery

They also have the experience to suggest things you perhaps hadn’t thought of, such as choosing hardier outdoors plants and trees for exposed, shady or busy areas, selecting and pruning planting to ensure sightlines are clear or introducing features to improve biodiversity to the site, such as beehives and wildflowers.

Grounds Maintenance

Even lawn care can benefit from the professional touch: using tractors to quickly and efficiently mow large grassed areas, applying expertise and carefully-selected products to control weeds, moss and algae and mulching or removing grass cuttings, can make all the difference to the look of your lawns.

Safety is also something that exterior landscape professionals can help with. Walkways, driveways and carparks can be kept clear of intruding plants and branches, signage kept visible and paths and drives gritted to prevent ice in colder weather.

If you want to see what a difference good landscaping can make to outside spaces, take a look at our outdoor live plant displays or have a read through our brochures on grounds maintenance and view our grounds care services.