Get wise to the rise of recycled plant pots

02 August 2016

We are always looking for new ways be sustainable in our industry. Peat-free compost, mulching old plants to nurture new ones, and saving fuel by servicing national clients from nearby franchise branches are some of the many practices we have adopted to make our business greener.

One of our favourite ways to reduce our impact on the planet is through upcycled products, that is, taking products which are no longer of use and making them into something even better.

Dutch company Nature’s Green’s range of plant pots made entirely of recycled materials is a fine example of upcycling. High-quality, sharp design and ingenuitive features all come together in the Phoenix Rise range to create a thing of beauty.

Taking old office equipment, which doesn’t tend to be very attractive, and turning it into bright, sleek plant containers, which glide on hidden castors and have an in-built irrigation system, Nature’s Green has truly created something greater than the sum of its original parts.

The Phoenix Rise by Nature's green

Launched in Spring, the Pheonix Rise range has been so popular that more designs are launching in September. Some twelve new planters, all available in a range of colours and  three different finishes, will join the existing range and are a great way to brighten the office as summer fades.

What’s more, these containers represent a satisfying circle of events: office plants remove many of the harmful toxins emitted into the air by office equipment. Now, through Phoenix Rise, office equipment has been turned into pots to hold these plants while they do their job of de-toxing the air.

Check out Pheonix Rise on the Nature’s Green website. For a look at our full range of plant pots take a look at our Pots and Planters page.