How do plants improve our health?

25 October 2013

Research from the Stennis Space Centre discovered that indoor plants suck chemicals out of the air, acting like powerful air purifiers. The leaves, stems and roots form an eco-system together with micro-organisms that live in the plants’ roots, and this eco-system filters out harmful chemical particles in the air, including compounds linked to colds, allergies, breathing problems and even cancer.

Air conditioning and heating indoors can make a room too dry: dust builds up and causes symptoms like dry throats, asthma, eczema and stuffy heads and noses. Plants can bring a room back to normal, healthy humidity levels.

These gentle changes can be felt very easily because the human body is so sensitive, and health and comfort levels dramatically improve. The more plants you have, and the longer you spend near them, the more benefits you’re likely to notice.

FACT: Plant-filled rooms contain 50-60% fewer airborne moulds and bacteria than rooms without plants.
Dr B.C. Wolverton of the Environmental Laboratory of the John C Stennis Space Centre in the US

Health Benefits Infographic