Green Schools is a Growing Movement

16 September 2014

Over the weekend we spotted a call to teachers on the Guardian website to send in photos, stories and videos showing how they are making their classrooms green.

The page on GuardianWitness, which hosts ideas and content from the public, cited many inspiring examples of schools around the world which have thought up innovative ways to connect their pupils more closely to the environment and natural world.

Many of the ways classrooms are doing this is to bring children closer to plants, be it through nurturing a school’s vegetable garden or education out among the trees.

There is a fundamental benefit to being close to plants which is that it simply reconnects us to nature, and even when we are inside and away from the great outdoors plants can form a link back to the natural world.

And if we feel connected to nature, there’s a good chance we will want to protect it for the future.

Check out GuardianWitness’s ‘Green Schools from Around the World’ to see the wealth of ideas among teachers across the globe.


Image – Progressive Photos