Make a statement with a large metal plant pot

01 June 2015

When it comes to planting schemes, these days, the pot is just as important as the plant. And in a big space, be it an open plan office or atrium or an exterior landscape, a large metal plant pot ensures your plants stand out and get noticed.

Large metal containers have a sleek look which is perfect for a modern corporate setting: glossy or brushed finishes, clean lines and a solid, weighty presence… everything about them says quality.

TCP_Pandora_planter_with Dracaena_fragrans_'Lemon_Lime'
Shiny planter, happy people!

You may think a large metal planter could easily look overbearing, but there are so many different styles, shapes and colours of metal planter that they are actually a very versatile pot, and can fit into many places where another material, say bright coloured plastic or elaborately patterned wood or shell, may not work.

Simple, sleek metal containers are a very popular choice when it comes to larger planters, as they have a simple elegance which works in many places. But if you want your outdoor plants to stand out, then there are many other options.

For exmaple, the Boxer planter, with a textured mosaic of large shiny metal plates set at various angles, is a thing of beauty and a real statement piece.

The Boxer planter shows that metal is anything but dull
The Boxer planter shows that metal is anything but dull

One of our larger metal planters even has a wooden bench running around it, which is perfect for weary shoppers, and is a real focal point along walkways in retail centres.

But that’s not to say that large metal planters can only work in vast modern settings. Metal isn’t just a stark, cold material: it comes in many shades of grey, and plant pots with softer tones and shapes can sit happily in many different settings without looking like they should be in a large corporate or industrial space.

Take for instance our beautiful curved planters, which, when stood in a line, look as if they are bowing in unison. They also come in a soft, dull bronze, which is a great counterfoil to bright green foliage and would sit happily as a statement piece in a smaller room just as much as a larger space.

Curved metal planters
If you have the space, curved metal planters are most effective when stood in a row

Then there are Cortensteel planters. Left outside to let the elements go to work on them, they have developed an oxidised finish; a rust-coloured skin with a soft, weathered charm which gives them a more natural feel in a garden or landscaped grounds. The outer skin prevents oxygen from penetrating to the layers underneath, making them great for outside use.

Shiny, brushed, bronzed and even rusty: large metal planters are anything but dull. Check out our great and versatile range of metal containers here.