Indoor Plants for Offices

01 October 2013

Long-standing client E.ON’s Nottingham offices were given a green makeover throughout by Urban Planters.

The design includes a fixed living wall in reception, mobile living walls in the restaurant and adding dense planting to the top of the filing cabinets, which avoids this area being a dumping ground for clutter; All creating lush green focal points to contrast the modern, white furniture.

In other areas in the building polystone planters brought the desired contemporary feel to the reception, and plants in granite troughs on the balcony create a relaxing break-out area for the staff.

Filing cabinet planting

Photo 3

Photo 7

Photo 6

FACT: People working indoors with indoor office plants in their line of vision do tasks a staggering 12% faster and are able to concentrate better than people who don’t have plants in the room.