It’s all sparkle no stress with our office Christmas decoration service

19 November 2019

It’s mid-November but it’s already beginning to look a lot like Christmas, certainly in our world of corporate decorating services! In fact, the enquiries started well over a month ago and our franchises around the UK are all starting to adorn our clients’ premises with Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths and all manner of other festive features.

Christmas decorations tend to be an expectation from the workforce, but often it falls to one poor office ‘elf’ to drape the same tinsel around the place, dug out from the back of a store cupboard, not to mention sourcing a tree and finding some decorations to cover it with, all while they are probably caught up in their own long Christmas to do list.

Then there’s the task of bringing it all down again when everyone slopes back to work in early January and sparkly garlands are the last thing on their minds.


The ease of hiring a Christmas decorating service is one of the main reasons our clients use us time and again.

We are expert decorators and can transform your indoor space into something more festive in a matter of hours. What’s more, we will take it all away again promptly, so you are not left packing away endless baubles when you really need to get caught up after the Christmas break.

Suiting your style

Like your decorations old school and traditional? Great! We have a huge selection of reds, greens and golds to adorn your tree and other office Christmas decorations.



Prefer to turn heads with a contemporary feel? We love to think outside the festive box and have created all manner of distinctive festive schemes, from giant primary-coloured baubles hanging from the ceiling to light up Perspex reindeer and even a striped poinsettia tree!

Know you need to acknowledge Christmas but don’t like too much sparkle? We can dial down the festive feels with ivy-draped succulent displays, small and understated desktop Christmas trees and have even stencilled a bauble on the wall – the ultimate space-saver!

Perhaps you have a vast space and making it feel festive seems an impossible task. Well, we are not ones to shy away from towering Christmas trees, and we have the logistical expertise to get them in place with minimal disruption. We can also source hanging decorations of all styles and sizes to suit the scale of, say, a multi-storey atrium, so our decorations won’t get lost in any large spaces.

Or maybe you don’t want to miss the opportunity to reinforce your brand identity. We can source decorations to match your company colours so your festivities are on-brand at all times.

We are also thinking of new approaches to office Christmas decorations. Last year, when we were all becoming acutely aware of the environmental impact of throwaway plastics, one of our franchisees designed and made a range of decorations from plastic bottles for one of our larger clients. They looked fantastic and needed a double take to see what they were made from.

All in all, we are skilled in creating a bespoke Christmas decoration display to meet your exacting requirements. And if you’re not feeling inspired, we can sit down with you and quickly work out what would work for your indoor space, style, taste, décor and budget.

Festive decs for Christmas cheer

As our day-to-day work is interior landscaping, we know a lot about the many positive effects indoor planting has on the workforce, and humans in general. We spend less and less time outdoors and are increasingly disconnected from nature, so even just seeing some planting from our desk can give us a significant biophilic boost.

Studies have also shown that employees can feel more valued if their workplace is decorated and furnished with care, and indoor office plants are among the decorative elements that people like to see in their working environments.

Given this, Christmas decorations can be a relatively simple way for employers to show that they care about their workforce. Expertly chosen and positioned decorations say much more than an afterthought of randomly assorted tinsel and fairy lights. And when better to spread workforce cheer than at Christmas?

Quality above all else

No two Christmas trees are the same, and quality quickly becomes apparent in Christmas decorations once they are in situ.

This is particularly the case when it comes to live Christmas trees. We take great pains to source good quality, healthy trees to ensure they stay looking full of life (and adorned with needles!) throughout the festive period.

The same goes for our artificial trees. A poor-quality replica tree brings little joy to anyone, while a quality tree can look as good (if not better, thanks to its evenly distributed branches and perfect shape) than the real thing. We store our artificial Christmas trees with great care so they can continue to bring cheer for years on end.

In fact, quality drives our selections for all our Christmas decorations. We work with trusted suppliers and have an eye for detail, so your trees, wreaths, garlands, baubles and whatever else you would like for your office decorations are carefully selected.

We are in regular touch with our suppliers to find out what is popular each year, well in advance of Christmas – in fact, we are thinking about Christmas while your barbeques are still getting good use – and are fully prepared for when the enquiries start coming in.

We would recommend you think ahead a bit as well and get in touch early if you would like Christmas 2020 to bring cheer to your workplace. Make a note to give us a call in early Autumn and we’d be happy to help you to design the perfect festive display to suit your tastes and budget.

And, once you have the decorations sorted for your office, you can sit back and relax… or maybe just get started on your personal Christmas to do list… I’m afraid we don’t offer a Christmas shopping service!