Mother’s Day with Flowers or Plants?

19 March 2012

Mother’s Day comes to an end for another year, and we would like to know how many of you bought your mum a lovely pot of flowering bulbs or flowering plant instead of the traditional bunch of flowers?

We are great promoters of the added value you get from giving plants instead of flowers on these special occasions. Yes they both look lovely, and we will be the first to say, flowers definitely have the edge when it comes to scent and sight, but what about all the hidden benefits that are not initially apparent?

We are talking about the associated health benefits and when it comes to this, plants win hands down.

  • Did you know plants don’t only prevent illness, they also assist with recovery and help protect your bones?
  • They improve your air quality be it in your home or workspace.
  • This will increase concentration and productivity, thus helping your loved ones to learn or work more effectively.

If you want to learn more about how plants are great for us and therefore such a great gift to give for any occasion, get a copy and watch How to Grow a Planet and have a read of Pots of Health on our website.