National Plants at Work Week – a guest blog by efig

08 July 2016

NPWW 15 years

Next week, 11 – 15 July, we will be launching the 4th National Plants at Work Week campaign. If you’re still in the dark in a ‘what’s it all about’ sort of way, we’ll explain.


The week was initiated to promote the benefits of plants in the workplace mostly via social media. It’s a concentrated campaign which is conducted all week on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness and spread the word.


We always start the week by circulating a press release with a professional photo of our latest angle. The release goes out via PR Newswire to get the widest coverage around the country that we can.


For the remainder of the week we are busy promoting the message on the social media platforms.


New initiatives

Every year we try to add something new to the mix to keep audiences interested and talking. So we’ve developed from pop-up offices to transport. This year we will decorate another mode of transport to create a green, mobile office.


All week, efig’s website will be full of stories about this year’s green office, the Favourite Office Plant of the Month winner, members’ award winning case studies and activities undertaken by efig members during the week.


This year we are excited to announce that we will have a number of lunch time webinars available for you to view on YouTube too. Keep an eye on efig’s website for more details of these.


Getting involved

In previous years Urban Planters franchisees have immersed themselves in the campaign building pop-up offices, handing out certificates to clients and giving away Bags of Life. Several branches have also taken part in a fun idea for social media ‘plants in unusual places’ which they photograph.

National Plants at Work Week. Efig Ltd have teamed up with Transport for London to plant up a Thames Clipper on Monday 13th July 2015

This year

What about decorating some mode of transport with plants to create your own green, mobile office? It could be your van or your car or something more unusual if you have access.


Whatever you do, remember to take photos; use them on social media; make sure we know what you’re doing by using the hashtag #plantsatworkweek for your posts so that we can pick them up.


Remember you can download the NPWW logo, a release and much more at efig’s NPWW page on our website.


We hope you have a really successful week and look forward to hearing your stories.


Keep an eye on efig’s dedicated Facebook page and Twitter for ongoing updates.