Don’t panic it’s ceramic: 10 reasons to choose natural stone planters

27 April 2015

There’s no doubt about it: indoor plants have become more and more popular over the years, as businesses wise up to the many benefits of being near plants. But the real rising star in our industry in recent times has to be the container.

The humble plant pot now comes in many forms, sizes, colours and materials and ensures that a planting display can sit happily in any setting.

Polished steel planters for slick corporate settings, large bespoke wooden planters with seating for communal areas, glossy synthetic containers in a spectrum of both bold and subtle shades, not to mention luxurious golds and coppers, seashell mosaics: there are endless ways to show off your plants these days.

But among all these newcomers, the original, in fact centuries-old, plant pot material still endures, and is looking better than ever.


Rock of ages: this ceramic pot harks back to its ancient origins


Here are ten good reasons to go for natural stone planters:

  1. The original plant pot material: ceramic pots have been tried and tested for thousands of years
  2. Our natural stone planters are handmade and 100% natural, so each one is unique
  3. Reassuringly weighty and sturdy, they are built to last using skilled craftmanship
  4. They are high quality products and it shows, both through looks and texture
  5. They look great indoors and out, and exposed to the elements, natural stone planters age and weather gracefully
  6. The natural plant pot looks good in most places and has an understated look which lets the plants do the talking
  7. They come in a classic colour range, which ooze quality, such as midnight blues and wine reds, with a subtle weeping effect down the pot
  8. They can also create a more exotic, ancient look, in a beautiful aged finish, which perfectly partners tropical plants
  9. And you can still get the simple, original style which still endures today: the terracotta pot. Forget the mass-produced terracotta products you can get just about anywhere: there are beautfiul quality, 100% natural containers available which are finished to a high quality and have natural variations, making each one unique
  10. Natural stone planters even sit quite happily in contemporary settings: an office plant in the very smart Anthracite natural plant pot is a great charcoal-coloured counterfoil to bright walls and furnishings, or you could go for the unusual elegant curves of our Earth planters, coated in layers of silver leaf


Terracotta as it should be: handmade and high quality


It’s not a bold or show-stopping container, but it is one of our best quality pots and has a subtle charm which has truly stood the test of time.

Housing plants for over a thousand years, it will likely endure for a long time to come.

Check out our beautiful range of natural stone planters, or ceramic pots as we call them.


Juniperus in sepia Duo ceramic planters