27 September 2012

As part of our drive to keep our industry at the forefront of technology, Urban Planters has launched a second app, this time to help clients visualise how the right plants can transform their premises.

Using mobile technology, UrbanDesign allows our designers to demonstrate how any of our pot and plant combinations will actually look as a plant display within any given area, using a photo of the location.

Our full range of plants and containers can be superimposed on the location image, adjusted to the right size and moved to the right location in the image, to create a virtual planting scheme which will give the client a clear picture of the scheme in situ.

Select your background
Choose a pot you like.
Now choose a plant you like.
Need more than one display?
That’s better!
OR something different?
We love putting our plant displays under the spotlight.

We are very excited about being the first to create an app of this kind within our industry and even more excited that it will enable our customers to engage more with our designers to create truly inspirational plant displays.

Coming later this month to an Urban Planters designer near you.