Peace be with you: spreading the love of plants in Leeds

08 June 2022

Here’s Joseph and Samantha from our Leeds and National teams, giving out Peace Lilies at Central Square Leeds this week.

When tenants picked up their free lily, they were given information on caring for their new addition and also how these little powerhouses will care for them back, with their calming biophilic and air-freshening powers.

Peace Lilies, or Spathiphyllum, are excellent entry-level house plants or office plants, as they are very easy to care for. No wonder their popularity is evergreen in the planting world!

Central Square was one of our stand-out planting projects a few years back, with a broad range of indoor and outdoor planting on display. We were involved at the early stages of the building design, allowing us to create a truly integrated scheme, including sweeping living walls, trees and a rich variety of bedding plants.