Plant in Focus – Begonia rex

19 January 2015

Begonia rex are tropical plants, prized for their colourfully patterned and intriguingly shaped leaves. They are often displayed as a collection on a window cill, but we think they look much better if you choose one type and block plant within a colourful container, chosen from the colour range displayed within the leaf. Begonia are native to moist subtropical and tropical climates. They can sometimes drop their leaves and become dormant in the winter. If this     happens, cut off the withered leaves, stop watering and enclose the plant in a plastic bag. Keep at 16oC until new growth appears, in approximately 6-10 weeks. Then continue with normal care.

Health Fact: Begonia rex are about average at removal of chemical vapours. Therefore you will benefit from more than their eye-catching foliage, if you can find a place for some in your workplace.

Environment: Begonia thrive best in good indirect light. Give them enough light to maintain their colour, but not direct light, as that will scorch the foliage. They are sensitive to temperature change or temperatures below 16oC.

Plant Care: Begonia’s do not like to sit in wet compost, so keep dry to moist. Water a little when you can start to see signs of wilting. Begonia like humidity, but don’t mist as they can suffer from leaf spotting.