Plant_in_Focus_-_Calathea makoyana

Plant in Focus – Calathea makoyana

24 September 2014

Calathea are grown for their striking foliage patterns. All Calathea look very similar, but if you look close enough, they all have their own distinctive markings. Calathea makoyana is more commonly known as the peacock plant as the foliage somewhat resembles a peacock’s tail. It may be said that it is difficult to look after, but this is generally down to the fact that it does not like dramatic changes in its environmental conditions. If you can avoid this, it will grow well.

Health Fact: The peacock plant is good at removing chemical vapours from the air and also has a reasonably high transpiration rate, making a great addition to your indoor environment.

Environment: Calathea prefer medium light. so please avoid any direct sunlight. They also prefer a temperature range of between 18-27 oC. As they are tropical plants, avoid night-time temperatures of below 13 oC.

Plant Care: Keep the soil evenly moist with room-temperature water. Feed regularly during the growing season. Susceptible to Spider mites, so try to position the plant in a humid location.

Plant_in_Focus_-_Calathea makoyana