Plant in Focus – Clivia miniata

08 May 2015

Clivia or Kafir lily as it is commonly known originates from South Africa. It has shiny dark green, strap-shaped leaves that curve outward in a fan. It has large flower stalks, which appear in March and bear umbels of 10-20 funnel-shaped, orange flowers. These continue blooming until mid to late summer, so they are a great plant for adding some summer colour to your home or workplace.

Health Facts: If you or someone you know needs a concentration boost during the exam revision season. Then you should consider adding plants to your study area. Plants are known to reduce CO2 levels by up to 50%, therefore reducing the cause of drowsiness.

Environment: Clivia need plenty of high indirect light to promote flowering. Whilst growing it does best at room temperature indoors or, in summer, outdoors, but intense heat will shorten the flowering period.

Plant Care: Water thoroughly in spring-summer, gradually reducing again in the autumn, and almost suspending during dormancy. Clivia requires a 2 month winter rest at 10oC. Very prone to attack by mealy bug.