Plant in Focus – Guzmania ‘Hope’

17 November 2014

Guzmania is a genus of over 12- species and belongs to the family Bromeliaceae. This magnificent bromeliad originates from the north-west of South Africa and the Caribbean region. The striking red flowers with white tips that appear in summer, make this plant a stunning indoor plant choice. The evergreen, epiphytic perennial plant has an overall height of 25-35cm and would be found growing naturally high up on trees and rocks in cloud and rain forest, where it can benefit from higher humidity.

Health Fact: Bromeliads are one of the best air-purifying houseplants. They conserve their energy during the day and refresh the air predominantly during the night. What a great bedroom choice.

Environment: Guzmanias are tropical plants and therefore require warm temperatures and relatively high humidity. Their preferred light is anything between medium and high indirect light.

Plant Care: The ‘Hope’ Guzmania requires little maintenance. Avoid watering in the rosette when in flower, instead water the compost little and often and keep moist but not wet.