Plant_in_Focus_-_Strelitzia reginae

Plant in Focus – Strelitzia reginae

13 March 2014

The birds are out in show, have you seen them?

Strelitzia are commonly known as Bird of Paradise, due to their beautiful flower, that looks like an exotic bird’s head and beak. The plant originates from South Africa and grows to 2 m tall, with large, strong leaves 25–70 cm long and 10–30 cm broad, produced on petioles up to 1 m long. The leaves are evergreen and arranged in two ranks, making a fan-shaped crown. The flowers stand above the foliage at the tips of long stalks. The hard, beak-like sheath from which the flower emerges is termed the spathe. The flowers, which emerge one at a time from the spathe, consist of three brilliant orange sepals and three purplish-blue petals, which appear in Spring and Winter.

Health Fact: Live plants take in CO2 & harmful toxins and release oxygen. This is important to your health in general but also your bone health.

Environment:  Strelitzia like high-direct to high-indirect light, which make it an ideal plant for the conservatory or greenhouse. As a sub-tropical plant, it likes a temperature fluctuation between day and night.

Care: Keep the soil well-drained at all times. Strelitzia may get attacked by scale insects, red spider mites and mealybugs.

Plant_in_Focus_-_Strelitzia reginae