Plant in Focus – Tetrastigma voinierianum

27 August 2015

Tetrastigma is a genus of plants in the grape family. The plants are vines that climb with tendrils and have large palmate compound leaves. Commonly known as the chestnut vine, they are found in sub-tropical and tropical regions of Asia, Malaysia and Australia, where they grow in primary rain-forest. They do not bear any edible grapes. This is a vigorous vine that rapidly climbs anything available. When used as indoor plants, they are best used as either a cascading plant, where their leaves can be shown off to full effect or used to cover a wall or create partitions.

Health Fact: Research show that there were less health problems in the classrooms where the plants were located.

Environment: Tetrastigma prefer medium to high indirect light. They will tolerate some shade, but try to at least give them some morning sunshine. They are from the tropics, so prefer a temperature of between 18 – 27oC.

Plant Care:  Water moderately, letting the upper part of the pot dry out between watering. Do not let the plants sit in water or root rot will occur. Prone to red spider mite, mealy bug, scale insects, aphids and white fly.