Plant in Focus – Chrysanthemum indicum

04 March 2013

Our Plant in Focus for March is Chrysanthemum indicum.

Chrysanthemums, often called ‘Mums’ or ‘Chrysanths’, are perennial flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae which are native to Asia and northeastern Europe. They make great indoor flowering plants and long-lasting cut flowers, especially in slightly cooler temperatures (10 – 19 oC). There is no need to feed this plant as you are likely to throw it away once it has finished flowering.

Health Fact: Chinese medicine still uses herbal infusion of chrysanthemum for treating problems like fevers and sore throats among many other ailments. People commonly consume it in tea form for the treatment of viral and bacterial infections, digestive problems, sinusitis, and for
improving eyesight and hearing.

Environment: When grown indoors, the ideal light would be high indirect light. It will survive in medium light, but the flowers will not last as long and the flowering period will be shorter.

Care: The amount of water needed will depend on the quantity and quality of light the plant receives. If given the ideal light, keep plant moist but not wet.  Avoid the plant sitting in water, as it will rot.