Plants in Focus – Cyclamen persicum

22 November 2013

Our Plant in Focus for November is Cyclamen persicum.

Cyclamen has been a popular seasonal flowering plant since about 1900. There are approximately 15 species in the genus. However, this species is the most often sold in florists as an indoor plant. Cyclamen originates in Eastern Mediterranean mountainous forest regions. Therefore, it prefers a cool location with good air circulation and the live plant will last much longer in a cool bedroom, than a warm living room. The flowering season lasts from September to April, so now is the time to brighten up your internal rooms.

Health Fact: Cyclamen have a good transpiration rate, so they will add to humidity levels in your indoor space.

Enviroment: When grown indoors, the ideal light is semi-shade. Keep the room temperatures cool. and avoid placing near any heat source. Cyclamen are prone to spider and cyclamen mites.

Care: Careful watering is essential. Keep compost moist but not wet, during autumn through to spring.. In summer, when resting, keep only slightly damp.