Plant in Focus – Philodendron scandens

20 February 2013

Our Plant in Focus for February is Philodendron scandens.

Commonly known as the ‘Sweetheart Plant’ and is native to most of tropical America. It is very adaptable and grown indoors as a climber, which can be staked to a mosspole or tied to canes as it grows. Feed with a balanced indoor plant feed throughout the growing season, March to October.

Health Fact: We can all become exposed to formaldehyde from cleaning products, pressed wood products etc, and Philodendron scandens are excellent at removing formaldehyde from the air, so they are a must-have plant for all homes and workplaces.

Environment: As an indoor plant, the ideal light would be medium to high indirect light. It will survive in low light, but will not thrive as well as in higher light.

Care: The amount of water needed will depend on the quantity and quality of light the plant receives. If given the ideal light, keep plant moist but not wet, and allow to dry slightly between watering.