Plants in Focus – Gerbera jamesonii

22 January 2014

Brighten up your indoor space this winter with a flowering plant.

The gerbera daisy has beautiful flowers, which in its natural state are yellow, red or orange. However, commercial growers have also produced pink, white, salmon, cream and crimson flowers. This South African perennial provides summer-long colour in gardens and a wealth of long-lasting cut flowers. If brought indoors in the autumn and kept on a cool window sill, it will continue to bloom all winter, brightening up those short, dull winter days.

Health Fact: This plant was included in the early NASA studies and proved to be extremely effective in removing chemical vapours from the air. Its colourful array of flowers, combined with its high transpiration rate and ability to remove toxic gases, make it a highly valued seasonal indoor plant.

Environment: The gerbera needs bright direct or indirect light. Protect from midday sun and avoid positioning in south-facing windows, as this may age the blooms prematurely.

Care: Keep the soil evenly moist but not wet as this will lead to root rot. Feed regularly during the growing season with a balanced feed. Aphid and spider mite infestations may occur if the air is too warm and dry.