Plants for Spa’s & Restaurants

05 July 2013

A private health club in Burnley has called on Urban Planters Stockport to create a planting scheme to compliment the natural décor in its new £4 million spa’s restaurant.

Crow Wood Leisure’s Woodland Spa restaurant is decorated in wood and leather and the planting scheme had to reflect the natural tones used, so containers in a natural textured finished seemed the perfect choice.

As the light levels vary considerably throughout the restaurant, Urban Planters carefully selected specimens such as Kentia palm, Beaucarnea recurvata and Dracaena fragrans ‘Lemon Lime’, each suitable for different positions around the room.

Spa Planting

Planting for Restaurants

Urban Planters Leicestershire has recently designed a new landscaping scheme for a local hotel spa to mirror the luxurious feel of their recent redecoration. The refurbishment of the lounge and reception areas was designed to create a homely yet luxurious feel and they wanted new plants and containers to enhance the new look.

Containers in ‘Champagne Gold Leaf’ were the perfect choice for the free-standing plants, while two large Anthurium ‘Pink Joli’ displays add to the relaxed feel of the lounge and boutique areas.

Spa Planting

Spa Planting

Urban Planters were also tasked with replanting two fixed planting beds in an interior water fountain and pond area.

The brief was to keep it simple and clean, ideally with plants on stems, like mini trees. In the smallest bed Schefflera aboricola with a heavy stem create an avenue effect. In the main bed a mixture of planting was used, including large Ficus binnendijkii ‘Alli’ on stems, while Anthurium ‘Jungle King’ creates a low-lying display around the water.

Planting for Spas

Champneys 5

Don’t forget, research from University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has proven that plants make us happy! When plants are placed in a room, people’s blood pressure becomes significantly lower, and they find tasks less stressful.