Plants in Focus – Nertera granadensis

14 October 2013

Our Plant in Focus for October is Nertera granadensis.

Also known as the coral bead plant, pin-cushion plant or baby tears, is a ground cover with orange berries. It has an unusually extensive transcontinental distribution surrounding the Pacific Ocean, occurring from southern Chile and western Argentina north to Guatemala, and in New Zealand, eastern Australia onwards to the Philippines & Taiwan.

We think this is a great plant for Halloween. When the berries begin to die (turn black) they should be carefully removed.

Health Fact: There are no known toxins associated with the brightly coloured berries.

Enviroment: When grown indoors, the ideal light would be high indirect light, but avoiding direct sunlight. They can be kept outdoors in the summer, but still keep out of direct sunlight a great indoor plant.

Care: Increase watering once the berries start to form in spring, keeping the compost moist. Allow to dry out between waterings in the autumn and winter.