Plants in Focus – Tulipa gesneriana

10 September 2013

Our Plant in Focus for September is Tulipa gesneriana.

The tulip is a popular seasonal flowering plant that can be purchased in bud or bloom from mid winter until late spring. You may wish to buy the bulbs instead and plant up your own displays during the month of September, in readiness for a flowering display in mid winter early spring. Allow all foliage to completely die off, before lift and dry your bulbs for planting again the following autumn.

Health Fact:  Tulips are good for cleaning the air and have been shown to remove formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia from the atmosphere.

Enviroment: When grown indoors, the ideal light would be high indirect light. Tulips are prone to aphids, but should remain trouble free otherwise.

Care: Tulips like to be planted in a free-draining potting soil. Keep soil evenly moist and never allow to dry out.