Show you care for longer this Valentine’s Day with flowering plants

13 February 2012

It’s that time of year again, but instead of battling your way to a florist this year, why not buy your loved one a flowering indoor plant instead?

Not only will they last longer, much longer in fact, they also provide your loved one with some added health benefits.

So, show you really care this year and buy your valentine a bunch of plants.

Did you know:

  • Plants naturally refresh the air by absorbing harmful CO2 and emitting oxygen.
  • The best air-purifying indoor plants are orchids and bromeliads.
  • These indoor plants refresh the air predominantly during the night, which means they will purify the air in your bedroom, whilst you sleep.

Orchids – Phalaenopsis available in white and pink

Bromeliads – Guzmania available in red, orange, yellow and purple

Other great ideas – Anthurium available in red, pink and white