Five reasons you need indoor plants in your life

20 February 2017


Indoor plants are enjoying a bit of a fashion moment, but they are so much more than simple good looks. Here are five reasons to love indoor plants:

  1. They clean the air you breathe. We know plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen during the day, but did you know that they also “scrub” the air of harmful toxins emitted from modern furniture and electric equipment? What’s more, they increase humidity levels and, in doing so, they also help to reduce dust particles in the air. Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, so why not bring more fresh air inside?
  2. Indoor plants also help us to feel better. Research has found that patients with a view of plants or nature recover faster from illnesses. People living and working near plants also have fewer headaches, coughs and dry throats;
  3. They make us happier. Yes, it’s true. Studies have shown that indoor plants make us less stressed and happier, enhancing feelings of self-esteem;
  4. Plants can boost our productivity and creativity. Researchers have discovered that plants in classrooms can improve levels of productivity and creative thinking;
  5. They look good! Tiny succulents, soft ferns, large-leafed figs, towering trees or even lush green walls: they all bring a room to life like nothing else. Add a beautiful plant pot in ceramic, metal or even brightly-coloured plastic pots and you will have a thing of beauty to put a spring in your step.


One more thing: plants needn’t be hard work. There are many specimens which don’t need to be intensively watered or pruned and some don’t even need much light in order to thrive.

At this time of year, we are stuck indoors more than ever, so why not see if plants can’t bring a bit of life to your room?

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