Trends in interior planting: fresh ways to add pots of colour

27 May 2014

Colour Trend

Here at Urban Planters, we like to keep a close eye on trends in interior design as this informs a lot of the creativity in our own planting schemes, especially containers. So, here’s a quick look at what is proving popular in interior design at the moment.

Colour in all manner of hues is popping up all over the place in interior décor at the moment, be it bold, bright primary colours, or deep, softer, darker shades.

Blue seems to be especially popular, with shades such as on-trend duck egg and teal, ensuring it needn’t be a cold shade for a room.

Within the interior landscaping industry, we are also seeing an explosion of colour when it comes to plant containers, and it’s great to see our clients going for something bold for their work and leisure spaces.

The risk always pays off: brightly coloured containers, when chosen with thought, make a strong statement and can really bring life to an interior space, with a little help from the plants they are housing, of course.

We provide planters in a kaleidoscope of colours and even if we don’t have the exact shade of container already, there is always the option of getting one sprayed in the right colour. So, really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to colourful pots. And, yes, we can do sky blue!