Guest Blog: Why Are Digital Businesses Investing in Green Workplaces?

15 October 2018

Award-winning digital marketing and web design agency Optix Solutions, is our latest guest blogger.

Tech businesses in the UK are taking inspiration from digital giants, Apple, Amazon and Google, by investing in greener workplaces to encourage innovation, wellbeing and better morale within their teams.

Optix Solutions has enjoyed the many benefits of adding plants and trees to their office. ‘As well as being a beautiful addition to space, each plant conveys the vitality of our work and the energy of our team,’ says business co-founder Alastair Banks.

A close team working in an open plan office, Optix Solutions has an Urban Planters package which includes almost a dozen potted trees and tabletop plants specially selected for their space. Architectural palms and decorative trees, like the ficus microcarpa compacta, create statement pieces in meeting rooms. While smaller teams appreciate the deep green hues of succulents like Sansevierias and Dracaenas at their desks.

In an ever-evolving industry, indoor plants offer a low-tech, high-impact opportunity for digital teams tap into the ingenuity and resilience of their workforce.

Optix Solutions

Creative Edge

Optix Solutions works with clients to develop websites, projects and marketing campaigns, and research shows that having live plants in the office supports this creative energy. Each meeting room has an indoor tree and every work station is furnished with a potted plant. This ensures that each employee has a verdant view from their desk at all times.

Office layouts which include natural elements like plants and greater access to natural light are sometimes described as ‘biophilic’ and are becoming increasingly important for forward-thinking businesses. According to the 2015 Humans Space report, teams working in spaces access to greenery scored 15% higher for creativity than plant free counter parts. In an industry which thrives on innovation, this creative edge is extremely valuable.


As a recent signatory of the Mindful Employer Charter, adding living plants to the office is part of Optix Solutions’ commitment to the wellness and wellbeing of its employees. Keeping living plants in the office has been shown to be a low maintenance and cost-effective way to support workplace health. From reducing stress to aiding cognitive abilities, plants are a small investment that can generate great results. For SMEs like Optix Solutions, helping the team to stay healthy is good for business.

Welcoming Environment

With regular client meetings and networking events, the addition of live greenery to the Optix Solutions office creates a welcoming environment for clients and staff alike. So, as well as having plants on each work station and their meeting rooms, visitors are also welcomed to the office with large indoor tree.

Banks appreciates the message this sends. ‘We are a business that values growth and fresh ideas and the plants communicate this to every client who visits our office.’

NPWW award


With the wealth of research on available, it’s not surprising that digital business like Optix Solutions are looking to natural elements like plants to create working environments that promote wellness and support the innovation that drives the industry. More than just ornamental, live plants actively contribute to a thriving workforce.