top view of house with couches and indoor plant displayed

AJW Aviation

June 2014

When an existing client, AJW Aviation, asked Urban Planters Sussex to create a large living wall for its new campus in West Sussex, they wanted as much colour as possible. This was no easy task, given the types of specimens available for use on a wall structure.

However, with careful planning by Urban Planters, along with the client and leading UK living wall supplier Biotecture, a range of plants were selected to create a pattern of sweeping lines in a variety of colours, including reds, oranges, white and, of course, various shades of green.

The wall was constructed by Biotecture in their greenhouse in Chichester, allowing the plants to mature for eight weeks before being transferred to the client’s site.

The resulting 6.5m by 4m wall stands in the centre well of the new building, providing a striking focal point for AJW’s employees across two floors.

The wall is monitored using a remote irrigation system which is computer controlled and can be adjusted remotely.

The client is an enthusiastic gardener and was keen to provide his employees with a plant-focussed environment in which to work. So, once the living wall was installed, we were asked to add more free-standing indoor and outdoor plant displays to increase the natural features around the offices.

The brief was to compliment the interior fittings of this brand new building, and we worked closely with the designers to ensure all areas were coordinated. A very limited palette was being used throughout the building so we selected a simple gloss white for all pots except for the executive offices, where Tropical planter pots better suited the wood panelling of the offices.