living green walls indoors


March 2022

Green walls continue to grow in popularity with our clients, thanks to their versatility, space-saving and low-maintenance design and, last but not least, their visual impact.

Urban Planters Midlands’ latest scheme for the Telford offices of global IT provider and consultancy Capgemini showcases the transformative effect of living walls in an office setting.

A row of green room dividers in the canteen break up an open space, while providing visual interest, softening acoustics and providing health benefits such as cleaner air and a restorative view of nature.

By the elevator on the ground floor, a densely planted living wall enlivens a bare space and brings a biophilic lift to the area.

living green wall indoors

Urban’s Francis Hunt selected a planting mix of Monstera, Aglaonema, Asplenium, Philodendron and Chlorophytum, all of which are hydro plants. This means no compost is required, and specimens can be quickly replaced without mess if needed.

With around 480 plants used in the scheme, the walls will also help to improve the indoor air quality and humidity levels in the building.