croton petra trough plants lined in a room

China Fleet

China Fleet

Urban Planters South West has a well-established relationship with China Fleet Country Club in Saltash, and we have created fresh planting schemes many times over the years.

This most recent redesign was carried out in readiness for the club’s reopening in mid-May, as COVID-19 restrictions were further eased.

The client asked for the new planting to have impact and visual interest, to welcome clients back.

Instead of opting for more planting, Urban’s Sandra Johnson decided that fewer displays, in structural forms and housed in interesting pots, would create the impact required.

croton petra trough plants

High light levels around parts of the building allowed us to use planting such as Croton petra, with its vibrant colours and large leaves along with a mixture of other large-leafed structural planting in free-standing displays.

To further enhance the impact, we selected textured containers such as Luxe Light Universe pots and wave-patterned black River planters.

green plants displayed by windows