plant display on the side of a room


November 2017

Our planting scheme for Japanese automotive business Denso is themed around the client’s home country. Positioned against floor-to-ceiling feature walls depicting Japanese landscapes and a feature waterfall, the planting creates a three-dimensional setting to reinforce the origins of the brand.

A large Teak erosion panel forms a focal point to the scheme. In-filled with preserved moss among the natural wood formations, it adds a new visual and textural dimension to the space and is a fresh take on the green wall.

Emulating bamboo but offering a more robust solution, Dracaena Serculosa were planted in rows and are perfect indoor plant alternatives which will thrive in a setting where bamboo would not have been happy.

We teamed these with a mixture of succulent office planting, such as Aeonium, Crassula and Sedum to complete the effect. All the plants are planted in clean-lined, black gloss or gold planters, which provide a sleek contrast to the planting and sit happily among the decor.