indoor plants in a sitting area with chairs and a table


October 2020
Peldon Rose

Our National Sales team and Urban Planters London West have developed a strong working relationship with office designers Peldon Rose, who share our priorities for creating healthy and happy workplaces.

This working relationship has led to a range of interesting projects, most recently for central London client Gunvor.

Biophilia was a priority for this global client, who were keen to use planting in their Pall Mall workplace to nurture a greater sense of wellbeing among their staff, as well as combat the VOCs emitted by office equipment.

The resulting scheme boasts plants in large, leafy and branched forms to catch the eye whilst working effectively to remove toxins from the air.

Limited light posed a challenge, but we selected planting which could thrive in dimmer spaces, including the elegant Dracaena fragrans ‘Janet Lind’, Aglaonemas and Sansevierias.

To add interest to the kitchen area, replica Alopecurus grass in unusual anthracite cone wall planters enhance this common area, without taking up floor space.