entrance with a green garden

INTU Derby

November 2019
Alison Burdis, Pat Fairall at INTU

INTU wanted to improve an unloved area of planting at the underpass entrance to their Derby shopping Centre.

After assessing the site, we decided to make use of the existing tree cover but extensive develop the rest of the site to both enhance both visual appeal and encourage wildlife to this area in the heart of the city.

To achieve this, we focussed on creating a bird sanctuary planting scheme.

The carefully designed project introduced native species to the tree colony and formed geometric strips using under planting to give year round nectar and fruit support for pollinators and birds.

We also installed RSPB bird boxes and offered wildlife friendly lighting recommendations to further enhance the biodiversity on site .

The steep bank proved a logistical issue for planting the bedding, but we met this challenge by using a harness to carefully transfer all the products.

The resulting scheme has transformed the entrance, bringing bright colours and a host of natural elements to create an enticing entrance for shoppers.

The steep bank proved a logistical issue when planting the beds, but we met this challenge by using a harness and rope system to carefully install the scheme.

The resulting design has transformed the entrance, creating a bright, colourful environment for visiting shoppers and a new habitat in which wildlife can thrive.