indoor plants displayed in a room

Kilburn & Strode

September 2017

This scheme in central London is a fine example of how to maximise planting in a workplace, creating a biophilic space with enhanced oxygen levels and natural visual impact.

RIBA-accredited, as part of the overall office design for clients Kilburn & Strode, the lengthy design process in creating this scheme has paid dividends.

Cabinet-top planters densely-planted with Rhipsalis, run along filing cabinets for maximum visual impact, positioned as they are among workstations and in the eyeline of many of the employees. At the same time, they provide fresh air in an area of high productivity.

Throughout the offices and breakout areas, floor-standing planting in clusters of uniform containers, appear in a range of specimens alongside design-led furniture and décor to complete the overall look and feel of the office space. Likewise, troughs placed in rows in the ‘Welcome Area’ nod to the clean lines of the space.