indoor live plants displayed in a building

CEG – Kirkstall Forge

Kirkstall, Leeds
November 2017

Urban Planters Leeds/Bradford joined forces with our national sales team to create a natural oasis in the middle of a busy office café.

Spot-lit from above, a uniform row of Bucida buceras (Black Olive) trees seem to bask in sunlight, creating the illusion of a slice of the outdoors in the centre of the room.

Installing the trees required careful planning, due both to their size and the frenzied activity going on around the install from other trades, all of whom were working to a tight schedule.

A great deal of thought was also put into the light levels to ensure the trees would continue to thrive.

The Bucida are underplanted with Asplenium nidus ‘Crispy Wave’ ferns and the adjacent insitu planter is planted with Dracaena serculosa, commonly known as Gold Dust Dracaena, due to the pale coloured spotting on the leaf.

Complementing planting was selected for the meeting room and office, using medium-height plants suited to the light levels.

We also provided some purpose-built external planters which incorporated seating for an outdoor terrace.