cosy area with plants displayed on the wall structure

Mollie’s Motel & Diner

Buckland, Oxfordshire
January 2019

A flagship drive-through American motel and diner on the A40 near Oxfordshire is the brainchild of Soho House owner Nick Jones. Unsurprising, then, that good design was a high priority for the interiors of this soon-to-be chain.

The site designer for Mollie’s had chosen a range of planting to suit the desired aesthetic from Google images, and Urban Planters Oxfordshire’s Melanie Grohmann set to work matching the specimens as closely as possible while ensuring each selection would thrive in their given indoor environment.

Although we hadn’t initially been awarded a maintenance contract, the client was so impressed with our scheme and our additional advice on containers, that we were contracted to look after the planting going forward. This means we can ensure they will continue to thrive for this new business venture.