indoor plants in pots

News UK

July 2019

This e-Fig gold-award-winning scheme was a refreshment of an original planting scheme which needed a new lease of life.

The client had asked for a contemporary look to the planting and hadparticularly loved our stand alone industrial style planters.

To create real feature points to the scheme, we grouped together planting in clusters of three in pots of different heights.

The client was still fond of the tall black Geo planters, so we were able to reuse these with fresh planting; proof that classic containers can stand the test of time.

All were planted with bounteous Chlorophytum comosum plants, commonly known as the ever-popular Spider Plant.

These plants have proved to be a gift which keeps on giving: the many “baby” plants which grew from the originals were taken by members of staff and placed in water on their desks until their root system developed.

In News UK’s new library area, we positioned five new troughs, ready for the baby plants to be transplanted into and grown on.

As a result, our client has a ready supply of new planting and many members of staff have a new-found love of nurturing plants. What’s more, the original plants are still full of new babies to continue the process!