brick building by a playing area

Oasis Play Area – Meadowhall

August 2019
Arcadis, Meadowhall

Installed in August 2019, this new play area at Meadowhall incorporates a flood barrier to protect the shopping centre, with the raised height providing an enclosed environment for visiting children to enjoy safe play.

The steep-sided development created a range of challenges when installing the planting, and we worked closely with Arcadis and the landscape architects to develop the original plan before we began.

The resulting scheme is full of colourful drifts of shrubs, herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses, creating a variety of textures and shades around the site.

Then, in 2019, when minor changes were required as part of a second phase of development, we further enhanced the area with herbaceous and grass prairie planting coursing through the central planting beds.

These newest additions were selected to bring bright colour through the summer, attract pollinators and position planting at eye level for the children, to encourage them to engage with the natural features.