Peel Land and Property

Peel Land and Property

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to reassess their workspaces to create working environments that are both reassuringly safe and welcoming, to reassure employees returning to the office after many months working from home.

Urban Planters North West have worked for a number of years with regeneration company Peel Land and Property on a range of properties in their portfolio.

Last year, Peel relocated its headquarters to a new space at the top of one of their Manchester buildings, which offers sweeping views over the Trafford Centre and the city beyond.

Planting welcoming workspaces

Peel required an office planting scheme that was biophilic-inspired, incorporating as much internal planting as possible to create a healthy, relaxed and comfortable feel to the various spaces around the building.

As they begin to welcome staff back to the office, they knew that workplace planting was an effective way to make both staff and visitors feel valued.

The scheme features a range of live floor-standing plant displays, cabinet top planters and living pictures.

To optimise the air cleaning effect of the live planting, we also installed ActiveAir units, which use smart technology to enhance the natural purifying properties of plants.

We also provided rich, single species planting for their living wall unit, which the employees like to call the ‘dancing wall’ to separate areas within the individual spaces.