live indoor plants in a rooom

Pin Yard

Grainger plc
January 2022
Rob Brown & Bianca Yosef, Weare74 Interior Designer & Architecture Practice

Following a successful planting project at their striking new development at The Headline, Grainger tasked Urban Planters’ national and Leeds team to help with designing indoor plant displays for Pin Yard, its latest rental development on Leeds’s Sweet Street.

The objective of the planting was to help bring life to the building’s amenity area, where residents can enjoy a range of amenities, including lounge, gym and co-working space.

At Pin Yard, Grainger was keen to use live planting, prioritising specimens with strong air-purifying properties, helping to create healthy spaces for residents to gather.

One of the key design features of the amenity space is the use of bespoke cabinet tops and room dividers, designed by Weare74, which include integrated planting troughs.

Using a mix of live planting, including various Philodendrons, Ficus microcarpa and Schefflera arboricola, we created striking biophilic features which brought visual interest without compromising floor space.

In larger spaces, we installed a range of large floor-standing clusters of Dracaena and Epipremnum, in Baq’s Ecoline Phoenix planters which are made with plastic recycled from a wide range of products, including old car bumpers, phones, keyboards, computers and vacuum cleaners.

The outcome is vibrant, green space for residents to enjoy.