indoor plant on display

Post House Bar & Grill

Post House Bar & Grill

This family-run establishment was decorated for launch during the 2020 pandemic, ready to open its doors as restrictions lifted.

The opulent furniture and fittings has an eclectic but harmonious mix of textures in a building where traditional brickwork meets contemporary glazed atriums.

Urban Planters Derbyshire was approached by the client when they were struggling to find a supplier who could match the planting to the aesthetic as well as meet their tight deadlines.

We selected a rich variety of planting including artificial trailing plants curving around ceiling recesses, large-leafed live displays and a centrepiece replica olive tree which stands proudly in a bespoke table planter in the atrium.

A mixture of brushed honey gold leaf and mother of pearl shell planters echo the surrounding lavish interior design. The client was so happy with the initial scheme, they commissioned further displays from us a few months later.