indoor plants in meadowhall shopping centre sheffield

Meadowhall Shopping Centre

November 2017
BDP, Arcadis & British Land

This bustling shopping destination was undergoing an extensive, two-year refurbishment and wanted a completely fresh planting scheme for the new-look centre.

The planting had to be developed and installed in coordination with the completion stage of the project.

Uppermost in the client’s brief was the prioritising of natural elements and features in the scheme. Live planting was used, all positioned in containers with a natural look and feel.

The client was very aware of the strong physiological and psychological benefits of the presence of living plants in a manmade environment.

The presence of plants has been proven to increase shopper stay-time, so the biophilic focus also made good business sense.

We took great pains to ensure any approved plants would thrive in their various locations throughout the centre.

Products Used

Bespoke Fiberstone planters in three colours were designed to replicate natural materials. We worked closely with the container manufacturers in East Asia and with Nieuwkoop, the supplier, getting sample tiles shipped over to ensure the tone and finish had the desired natural look and feel.

Clusters of mixed planting were carefully selected in a mix of textures and colours to create a natural look and feel. The specimens used were Dracaena deremensis ‘Lemon & Lime’, Rhipsalis baccifera, Chlorophytum comosum, Clusia rosea, Crassula ovata & Philodendron ‘Imperial Red’.

As well as several visits to our Dutch suppliers to select the planting, Nieuwkoop also arranged photo shoots of the planting clusters to ensure all stakeholders were happy with the choices.